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      TaiZhou ZhongHao Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      About Us

      TAIZHOU ZHONGHAO MACHINE CO.,LTD. is founded in 1992,which is currently one of the few professional manufactures for CERAMIC CARTRIDGE.There are more than 430 employees among them,also it has kinds of speciality technical staff & manager 40.Now the annual output reaches to 75,000,000 sets.he company carrys out severe manufacture management & quality management stystem.Every production are detected before factory delivery.The index of the production must reach National Standard at least.The cartridge is rational construction,superior quality,& durable in us.The products have been sold to Germany,Korea,Egypt,etc,and they are deeply appreciated by the customer.

      Meanwhile,The company dives into lots manpower & material resources to alter the production equipment.And it has studied "FULLY-AUTOMATIC COMBINATIONLATHE" itself.The fully-aut-omatic combinationlathe which basically achieve to self-motion,semi-motion production enhaced production quality greatly."Pay Regard To Customers,Pay Regard To Employees,Pay Reg-ard To Training,Pay Regard To Quality & Pay Regard To Research." The a.m. tenet of the company will be carried out by us constantly.Based on the recognition for talents,market,quality,technology,management & teamwork,we'll make efforts to strive for the trademark superiority & repay the society with outstanding products.

      development path

      • 2020
        DEVELOPMENT · The development of the company to a new level
      • 2016
        TRANSFORMATION · 30000 Square meters modernized workshop began to construct and opened 4.0 era of cartridge manufacturing
      • 2015
        EXPLOIT · The new brass bar branch company was established and marched forward a new journey of intelligent manufaturing
      • 2014
        TRANSFORMATION · Using machines to institute persons,New type combined lathe,And automatic assembly line were successively put into production
      • 1995
        DEVELOPMENT · The employees of compang reached to 100
      • 2012
        CROSSING · Daily output reached to 250,000 pieces,With a global sales ranking No.1
      • 2009
        EXTENSION · New plant was built and opened a new travel
      • 2007
        STANDING · Obtained famous trademark
      • 2006
        REPUTATION · Won honesty enterprise of the province
      • 2005
        TECHNOLOGY · Indepently researched and developed full automatic combined lathe
      • 2001
        COOPERATION ·  The market covered 50 countries over the world
      • 1998
        GROWING · The product passed 300,00 times no water leakage test
      • 1992
        BIRTH · The company was established

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